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As the first thing visitors see when arriving at your site, the Home page is of tremendous importance. It's your best opportunity to make a strong first impression. To that end, the TTG CE3 Pages Home page offers a number of options to greet visitors with your best work. These include:

  • a full-screen image gallery
  • a responsive Galleria slideshow
  • thumbnail grid galleries in CE3-Standard or Masonry styles, supporting Highslide or Photoswipe
  • one still-image

Okay, that last one isn't very exciting. You can also opt to include text on your Home page in combination with all of the above, except the full-screen gallery. Maybe users choose not to put text here, though, letting their images speak for themselves.

When showing an image gallery on your Home page, that gallery should generally provide an overall representation of your work. Ten-to-twenty of your best images, spanning all categories in which you shoot. This of this less as a web photo gallery, more as if it were your print portfolio, the book you would take to a meeting to show off. Keep it tight and impressive.

Make a huge impact with massive, full-screen images.

Images will zoom to fill the space, cropping as necessary. Scroll through images using the on-screen navigation, arrow keys or mouse wheel. Click thumbnails to view the uncropped image.

The gallery does not work well on mobile, so will be replaced by the standard CE3 mobile gallery on tablets and phones.

Choose images wisely. The gallery works best with landscape-orientation images, though it's okay to use portrait-orientations as well. Images are zoomed to center, so just make sure that images are cropped in a flattering way. For example, you might have a beautiful shot of a model; but if the gallery zooms in to show only her stomach, then the image probably is not a good choice to include in a gallery of this type. Either cut the image from the presentation, or choose another presentation altogether.

To enabled the full-screen flip gallery, go to the Color Palette control pane, Home Page: The Block Content group and choose the “Full-screen, Flip Gallery” as Page Type.

When enabled, Home page options for the block, the grid and staging will be unavailable. Options for the block will be replaced by the flip gallery options.

Staging Options

When the Page Type is set as “CE3-Standard”, then the Home page will observe the usual structure including the block and the grid. For the grid, several staging options – gallery types – are available in the Appearance control pane:

The CE3-Standard, CE3-Iconic and Masonry gallery types are mostly the same as in TTG CE3 Gallery. Therefore, please see that documentation for details. The primary difference is that the galleries do not support pagination or grid icon features.

The other options are as follows.

Galleria Slideshow

The Galleria slideshow was a popular choice in CE2, and has only gotten better in CE3. When using the Galleria slideshow, you will most likely want to position the block beneath the grid, or disable the block altogether. Those options are available in the Color Palette control pane, with the block's options.

Use the Galleria options in the Appearance control pane to customize your slideshow.

The Galleria slideshow is both responsive and touch-enabled, so is suitable for smart phones and tablets. Therefore, you may safely disable the mobile gallery for iPad, iPhone or both in the Output Settings control pane, or keep the options enabled to use the mobile gallery, as is your preference.

Being responsive, the slideshow will maintain aspect ratio during resize. You may set a maximum width and the height by aspect ratio, or set a pure aspect ratio and allow the slideshow to be fully fluid, occupying the full available width of the grid.

For more information on the available Galleria configuration options, see here.

No Content / PHPlugins

The grid will be present in the page structure, but left empty. This is an appropriate choice when you wish to use PHPlugins to shim content onto the Home page.

Still Image

Allows you to place a single, large, still image on the Home page. Not particularly exciting, but sometimes the most appropriate choice.

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