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Using the Image Info pane

This is a generalized look at the Image Info control pane. For more specific information, please see related articles filed under the individual plugins elsewhere in this wiki.

The contents of the Image Info pane will vary somewhat depending on which CE3 plugin you are using, but the items pictured above and described below are fairly common.

Understanding the Image Info pane

Within Lightroom's Web module, the Image Info control pane serves a unique purpose and suffers from unique limitations. As a third-party plugin developer, I can fill the other panes – Site Info, Color Palette, Appearance and Output Settings – with pretty much anything I want. The Image Info pane, however, may contain only one type of control element; and that control element may only be housed in the Image Info pane.

Control elements in the Image Info control pane are used to access metadata (EXIF, IPTC, etc.) for individual images, on a per-image basis. For example, if you want to use the “Caption” IPTC field as your metadata source for gallery captions, then you set that preference here.

The Image Info control pane may only be used to assign the metadata source for defined outlets within the plugin. Related options – such as the appearance of captions – cannot by set within the Image Info control pane, and so we put those options elsewhere (typically in the Appearance control pane). We realize that separating related styling and content options is counter-intuitive, but Lightroom leaves us no choice in this matter.

Typical CE3 Control Elements in the Image Info pane

Large Image Caption / img alt=

Assign metadata to be used in gallery image captions. Will display in the large image view, and will also populate the alt attribute of the <img /> element for purposes of search engine optimization.

Large Image Title / img title=

Assign metadata to be used in gallery image headings. Depending on your presentation configuration, will display in the large image view when using Highslide or Galleria to show large images. If the “Concatenate Heading + Caption…” option is enabled in the Appearance control pane, will also display with captions when using Photoswipe, and will populate the <img /> element's alt attribute. Populates the <img /> element's title attribute for whatever SEO benefit that may yield.

Metadata 1 & Metadata 2

Assigns metadata to be displayed beneath each thumbnail in the gallery thumbnail grid. Use options in the Appearance pane to configure the appearance of this information.

GPS Coordinates (Do Not Edit)

When Google Maps features are enabled, allows the gallery to fetch the necessary geolocation data for each image. Do not edit this, and do not disable it.

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