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 +====== Web Engines ======
 +Web engines are plugins for the Web module. In general, a web engine will output a web page or image gallery to be published online, for viewing in a web-browser. Depending upon the web engine being used, output will typically be either an HTML or PHP document, supported by a group of resources including CSS, Javascript and image files.
 +Each web engine populates the Site Info, Color Palette, Appearance, Image Info and Output Settings control panes with a set of proprietary options allowing you to configure various aspects of your web page or gallery, including color scheme, page text and layout, and gallery behavior.
 +To work with a web engine, you must select it from the Layout Style list:
 +For new web engines to appear in this list, they must first be installed on your system. To install a new web engine, please follow the [[ Installation | installation instructions ]] for .lrwebengine packages.
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