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Web Engines vs. Web Templates

Things go much more smoothly if we're speaking the same language, so let's first clear up a few terms.

A web engine is a plugin for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom’s Web module. A web engine controls how a page or photo gallery is generated. Web engine packages are named using the .lrwebengine file extension.

A web template is a saved group of configuration settings associated with a specific web engine, including color, content and behavior changes made via the web engine controls. Templates are created and organized via the Template Browser, and may be recalled at a later time for further modification, or may be applied to new image collections. Saved templates are named using the .lrtemplate file extension.

Web engines and web templates are installed in separate locations, and neither the file packages nor the terminology should be used interchangeably.

Both web engines and web templates will be discussed in greater detail in the Web Module 101 section of this wiki.

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